Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Avoid hair fall- Natural hair loss prevention tips

A good healthy diet is not only for weight loss, it is also for hair loss prevention. The basic tips to remember when searching for natural hair loss prevention is that the foods containing fruits, eggs, veggies, fish, poultry, whole grains and nuts. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids foods contain marvelous anti-inflammatories which can also be helpful in maintaining a healthy hair. In a recent study, iron deficiency can cause hair fall. Iron supplement intake is also not a good idea. Taking too much of iron will also cause some serious health problems. Iron containing foods would be a better choice.

How to avoid hair fall:
We can increase hair growth by using natural ingredients to avoid hair fall is cheaper than trying to replace the lost hair. Herbs such as nettles and saw palmetto help to blocks the production of DHT.

Rubbing your scalp with onion juice, garlic juice or ginger juices also help avoid hair fall. Avoid artificial hair dye instead use henna to color your hair. With proper care and the suitable treatment, hair loss can be avoided.

Some hair loss prevention tips:
There is a lot of treatment and supplements to treat hair fall. Utilizing natural ingredients is very effective hair loss prevention and an accurate result for hair re growth. Natural hair loss prevention tips need not be complicated; you will be relieved to just following the simple tips. Here are few,

* Avoid supplements and hair styling products directly on your scalp, it will dries out hair.
* Give regular massage to the scalp. Combing hair with a brush gives some kind of massage.
* Gently use your fingers to untangle any knots in the hair.
* Don’t use shampoo regularly, for daily wash use mild shampoo like baby shampoo.
* Take enough sleep and try to drink eight glasses of water per day is helpful to keep your scalp and hair follicles hydrated.
* Include fruits, veggies like protein, and calcium rich in your diet.
* Protect hair from sun and dust and dirt, it may cause split ends.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tips to make nail stronger

Beautiful nails play an important role to enhance beauty of a woman. Now a days women facing many problems due to weak and unhealthy nails. If you are women, how much do you love your finger and nails? Taking proper care and eating balanced diet will helps to grow your nail fast and make strong.
Check out simple and effective tips you may consider for growing nails faster:

1. Massage your nail everyday with cuticle oil
2. Wear gloves to your hands before you are going to do house hold jobs
3. You have to avoid harsh chemicals, it will affect your nails, causing them to chip and fray

4. Using nail polish in a regular manner helps to shining nails. Or you can apply nail lotion or creams on your nails
5. Don’t bite your nails.
6. Consider calcium rich diet for making you nails grow longer naturally.
7. File your nails correctly.
8. Avoid using artificial nails, may be it can cause infection

These are the tips are with persistence and time you will have beautiful hands and healthy, strong nails.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Natural Technique to Grow Eye Lashes Faster

Eye lashes are important for protecting eyes from dust.  And eye lashes are now considered as a signs of beauty. Eyelashes providing protection to the eyes. However, losing eyelash can be associated with auto-immune conditions like alopecia areata, or hypothyroidism. Whose eyelashes come out in clumps      should consult a doctor, because it may cause some problem. There are various   natural home tips to grow eyelash fast without   breaking bank.  


If you are like most women, you want to make your eye lash as dark, long, curly and sexy, you must follow the diet. Because for healthy skin, hair including eye lashes you should add some vitamins and minerals in your diet. You should main moisturizer from the inside out, consumes oil rich foods like walnuts, avocado etc.  Drink at least eight glasses of water a day depending on your height and weight.

Natural Remedies:
1. Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly to your eyelashes every night.  The petroleum jelly surely softens your lashes and moisturizes them.

2. Some people use castor oil to olive oil instead.

3. Remove a makeup completely before you go to bed.  Leaving make up on your eye lashes can cause them to break.

4. Each night massage your eyelids for about 5-10 minutes. This will stimulate the blood growth and allow them to grow faster.

5. Trim your lashes twice in a month and brush your lashes regularly.