Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ideas to Do Home Made Healthy Manicure:

A manicure is a simple and important beauty treatment for your nails; it involves shaping and filling of the nails by the nail polish applications. Nails play an important role in our body; it can show many things about our internal heath. Healthy nails bring a healthy body. Nowadays doing manicure is to be a typical hardest thing for every girl. Dressing or putting make up for a party is absolutely simple; particularly some broken nails or badly manicured nails can spoil your image. It’s really hard to do a manicure every week and too costly. For this, you don’t need to pay as much money to a salon or parlor. Try these simple and effective tips to get polished nails in home.

• Take off the old polish with remover on a cotton ball, don’t use tissue to remove.
• Using nail clipper cut your nails to equal lengths or file your nails to shape them.
• Massage your cuticle with some natural oil. This oil will soften and moisturize your cuticles.
• Soak hands in warm water for some time, while doing that, add little baby shampoo or soap to get soften nails. Don’t use hot water; it will dry out your nails.

• Use orange stick to remove dirt from your nails.
• Exfoliate your hands with home made mixture of olive or coconut oil and sugar. Scrub it for two or three minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
• Dry your hands with clean cotton towel.
• Apply moisturizing cream and massage your palm with the thumb of other finger, this will helpful increase blood circulation.
• Then polish your nail with clear coat by applying thin layer being in the centre of the nail.
• Let it dry before applying the second coat. You should apply three coats of color; it will give protection to your nail and help your nail color to last longer.

Helpful Advice:

You can follow these steps to your feet also. Paint your nails while doing watching or listening music, this will helps to dry your polish soon. If you don’t have file on hand, use the rough surface of the match book to file. Do this manicure every two months, you will come to know the difference. Keep the polish in cool place like refrigerator.

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