Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tips to make nail stronger

Beautiful nails play an important role to enhance beauty of a woman. Now a days women facing many problems due to weak and unhealthy nails. If you are women, how much do you love your finger and nails? Taking proper care and eating balanced diet will helps to grow your nail fast and make strong.
Check out simple and effective tips you may consider for growing nails faster:

1. Massage your nail everyday with cuticle oil
2. Wear gloves to your hands before you are going to do house hold jobs
3. You have to avoid harsh chemicals, it will affect your nails, causing them to chip and fray

4. Using nail polish in a regular manner helps to shining nails. Or you can apply nail lotion or creams on your nails
5. Don’t bite your nails.
6. Consider calcium rich diet for making you nails grow longer naturally.
7. File your nails correctly.
8. Avoid using artificial nails, may be it can cause infection

These are the tips are with persistence and time you will have beautiful hands and healthy, strong nails.

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